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About Us

What is Binge Bros.?

Binge Bros. is a Vancouver based production company specializing in the development of original IP for Film, Television, and Streaming platforms.

With a primary focus on Creative Producing, we pride ourselves on being an original content developer, not a production studio for hire.

Experienced in both live action & animation, Binge has a growing slate of content in the works.

"We like to take a kamikaze approach. In that, once we commit to an idea, there's no turning back."

Film Shooting

What does Binge Bros. do?


Binge Bros. develops their own brand of 'in-house' live action and animated properties, while also acquiring optioned properties that fit into our unique comedic wheelhouse. 
If it's not different, we're not interested.


We write, design, storyboard, and direct all of our properties from the pitch phase through pre-production, whereby we then partner with world-class animation & film studios to bring our ideas to life through production.


In every project we develop at Binge Bros, we strive to tell new, and exciting stories from a different angle or add a unique comedic twist. Our goal is to create original, highly marketable content at a world class level.

Who are the Binge Bros.?

Craig George and Scott Winlaw founded Binge Bros. in 2017.

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