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Animated Feature in Development

When a bloodthirsty pack of Hyenas steal a Vulture’s egg and return to their den to devour it, the future of the unborn bird looks rather bleak.  However, when baby Nigel pecks his way out, and falls to the ground with an epic crash, the Hyenas break into uncontrollable hysterics instead of a feeding frenzy.

The pack eventually decides to spare Nigel’s life and keep him around, entirely for entertainment purposes. This is good news for Nigel, as he remains alive and now has a family, but unfortunately he grows up with a bit of a complex. 

By the time Nigel is a teenager he believes that everything he says and does is "comedy gold". His clumsiness, his awkwardness, and is his general appearance get so many laughs that he feels it’s only natural to pursue a career as a standup comic. 

However, when Nigel enters his first standup comedy festival (which showcases some of the area’s most hilarious animals), and fails miserably, he realizes for the first time in his life that he’s not very funny at all. Hyenas apparently, will simply laugh at anything.

Obsessed with obtaining his “inner funny”, our hero seeks out one of the all-time comedy greats, the semi-retired B-circuit Benny the Badger to mentor him on how to live a life of comedy. However, what the young vulture has to learn the hard way is that being funny isn't something you are necessarily born with, but instead it’s something that needs to be acquired through life experience, keen observation, and often… a willingness to laugh at oneself.

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