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Jack O' Lantern

Scared to Life

Animated Feature in Development

When a quirky old forest witch casts a spell on her tattered garden scarecrow, made of sticks, old clothes and a carved pumpkin head, her black magic brings the gangly contrivance to life and she sends him out into the world. 

The now sentient scarecrow is full of wonderment and amazement as he sees the world with brand new eyes. His manners are far from refined but his genuine heart endears him to all as he heartily shakes the hands of every traveler he meets - including a sty full of slightly confused pigs.

Fortunately, the naive apparition is blissfully unaware that he has not been sent out to seek his fortune, but rather he is an innocent pawn in the Witches’ evil plot for revenge. How could he know that the young Merchant’s daughter he meets in the streets of town and falls madly in love with,  is the very girl he was meant to meet. Or that the Witch and the young woman’s father have a tangled past full of broken hearts, betrayal, and murder.

Even though he was conjured to fulfill a vengeful task, could this lowly scarecrow break free of his cursed destiny and not only save the life of the woman he loves, but save the soul of the broken hearted woman who has set him on this path that will only bring misery to all?

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