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Tortum Waterfalls

Over the Rainbow

Adult Animation   |   Family Sitcom   |  13 X 22 min



When the most magical of creatures abandons his mystical homeland for life on Earth, he soon discovers that he is more reviled than revered when he takes a human wife and attempts to raise a family.


Based on the irreverent books, "Unicorn Being a Jerk" and "Why Unicorn Drinks" from writer and illustrator C.W. Moss, "Unicorn Being a Jerk" is an adult animated series that documents Mr. Unicorn's attempts to integrate into human society after abandoning his homeland The Misty Mountains - a magical land 
filled with mythological creatures which he describes as an "an absolute shithole."

Mr. Unicorn, or "Uni," decides to seek out greener pastures, and a better life for himself in the human world. After immigrating to Earth, Uni falls head-over-hooves for a human woman, and they end up having two beautiful inter-species children together. Uni and his young family decide to settle down in a lovely, gated community named Pearly Gates Estates, advertised as "a little piece of Heaven right here on Earth!" 

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