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Feature Film   |   Psychological Thriller / Dark Comedy   |  90 min

When a sadistic serial killer discovers a wounded Boston Terrier on one of his nightly hunts, rather than put the poor creature out of its misery, he decides to take it home... changing his life forever.


A 40 yr old introverted, socially awkward white male, Charlie Stanlon has nothing much to look forward to in his life. He’s unhappy in his career, has no personal relationships of any kind, and spends all of his days and nights alone. He does however have one passion he lives for, and every two months he can’t wait to get home to his “man cave” to indulge in it.

On one cold winter night, Charlie follows a young woman walking by herself into a dark park - but he’s distracted by whines and yelps coming from under a bench, where he finds a small wounded Boston Terrier.

Despite his every impulse to “just leave it and walk away”, Charlie makes the choice to bring the injured dog home... changing him forever.

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