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Comedy Series   |   Doomsday Comedy   |  22 min

A reclusive beachcomber 
inadvertently becomes North Americaʼs most notorious cult leader after video of him resuscitating a beached Orca goes viral.


Meet Atticus Quinn, a 62 year-old drifter whose destiny was forged by climate change, a suicidal Killer Whale, and the Internet.

While combing the shore one fateful day, Atticus stumbles across a beached Orca surrounded by a crowd of distressed onlookers. Instinctively Atticus applies a mouth-to-blow-hole technique resuscitating the great mammal.


What happened next no one could have foreseen. A tourist captured the “miracle” on video, posted it on YouTube and soon millions worldwide witnessed the footage of Atticusʼ deed. This random act of kindness towards nature, mixed with Atticusʼ cryptic comment: “You canʼt take the ʻIʼ out of life...” not only gained him local recognition but ardent followers from around the globe.

When only 9 disciples remain, the "Aquarium Society" is formed, with one goal in mind... return humanity to the sea before sea levels rise.

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