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Forest Path

Dirty Hairy 

Adult Animation   |   Adventure Comedy   |  8 X 30 min


When an adventurous Sasquatch stumbles across a 1960's Drive-In Theater, and decides to pursue a career in Hollywood monster movies, he puts his entire species at risk of being discovered.


In 1967 hair was long, love flowed freely and everyone sported a bush, but for one elusive creature that was the year he left the bush behind.


Meet Eddie, a Bigfoot with big dreams and an even bigger problem: How do you make your mark on the world when the world doesn’t believe you exist?

After a fortuitous run-in with two con-men who capture the infamous footage of Bigfoot in a northern California forest, Eddie decides the time is right to make his way south to Hollywood and try to make it big in the film industry.

Struggling to balance his desire to make his mark on the world, with his inherent need for secrecy, Eddie discovers however far you wander; you can’t outrun your true nature


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