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Binge Bros. option Jeff Strand's feel good serial killer novella, "Kutter"

Oct 27, 2020

Binge Bros. option Jeff Strand's twisted and tender, "Kutter", to develop into a Feature Film.

Vancouver's Binge Bros. has teamed up with horror-comedy master, Jeff Strand, once again. This time to develop the American author's feel good serial killer story, "Kutter". The story follows a vicious serial killer who — while on the hunt for his next victim — finds an injured dog in a park, brings him home, and names him Kutter.

What starts out as a spine-chilling tale about a sadistic killer who tortures women in his basement, evolves into a heartwarming story of a lonely man and his newfound friend, an adorable Boston Terrier.

Strand will be writing the screen adaptation of KUTTER, as he did on THE GREATEST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER for the Binge Bros. PRESS RELEASE:

Download PDF • 1.29MB

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