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Binge Bros. option C.W. Moss's "Unicorn being a Jerk"

Feb 27, 2018

Binge Bros. option C.W. Moss's twisted cartoon books, "Unicorn being a Jerk" and "Why Unicorn Drinks".

"Mystical, gentle, magical ... as if. You've obviously never seen a Unicorn in his natural habitat - those guys are jerks!" Vancouver's Binge Bros is proud to announce the optioning American writer and Illustrator, C.W. Moss's, two sick and twisted books, "Unicorn being a Jerk", and "Why Unicorn Drinks. Binge will be developing the two books into an Adult Animated Series inspired by the irreverent main character, "Mister Unicorn", as he attempts to integrate into life on Earth. C.W. Moss will Executive Produce on the project. ANIMATION WORLD NETWORK ARTICLE: UNICORN BEING A JERK BOOK SAMPLE: WHY UNICORN DRINKS SAMPLE:

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